Meet The Blue Meanies!

When it comes to playing the best of classic pop and rock, the Blue Meanies can do it all. In fact, they have done it all, performing Monkees, Beatles, Kinks, Who, Rolling Stones, Byrds and British Invasion tribute shows from New York City to Los Angeles to Louisville to Liverpool.

The New York and New Jersey-based Blue Meanies, who have been performing together since 1984, are especially renowned for their energetic tributes to the Beatles and Monkees. They've performed at Monkees conventions (where band members have backed various Monkees on stage), Beatles conventions and — perhaps best of all — the annual Beatles Blast at the historic St. George Theatre in Staten Island, New York, where they play an entire Beatles album, note for note, every year.

The Blue Meanies' tribute shows take many forms, from 50-song acoustic marathons to quick, hit-filled sets at New England libraries, South Jersey music academies and Central Pennsylvania music festivals. Their shows combine familiar hits with deep album cuts, rare tracks and trivia.

They have performed at B.B. King Blues Club in New York City and — let us not forget — annual Abbey Road on the River festivals Cleveland, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Washington, DC.; and Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

The Blue Meanies' extended set includes music by the Beatles and solo Beatles, the Kinks, the Who, Rolling Stones, Animals, Zombies, Yardbirds, Moody Blues, Dave Clark Five, Cream/Eric Clapton, the Byrds, the Band and many more.

Although they're based in New York and New Jersey, the Blue Meanies are NOT opposed to driving reasonably far (New England, Long Island, Virginia, anywhere in Pennsylvania, whatever!) to do that thing they do!

BRIAN CANCEMI: Brian has been playing guitar and wearing shoes since he was 16. He has performed in "The Three L's": Liverpool, London and Louisville. He hopes to add Lubbock to this list.

GARY OWEN: Gary has spent a lot of time performing in Scandinavia. He has released two solo albums, 'Autumn' and 'Summer.' He discarded his exoskeleton when he was 34.

DAMIAN FANELLI: Guitarist Damian is 47 feet tall and is made of a wood-like material that is inferior to wood in every possible way. He's also a member of the Whiskey Wranglers and might even edit Guitar World magazine.

TONY FANELLI: Before the Panic of 1907, Tony owned more basses than John Pierpont Morgan. He speaks fondly of many things and teaches woodland creatures how to staple important paperwork.  

JOHN ROGINSKI: Keyboardist John enjoys sushi and large parcels. He is not related to the inventor of margarine. He collects things made out of bamboo. In the Twenties, he was known as Docile Danny Dupree until his left kneecap fell off.

DREW PARADINE: After being the Blue Meanies' official "travel drummer" for ages, Drew — the newest and bluest Meanie — joined the band in mid 2019, following the death of band cofounder John "JT" Thomas. If you've seen us perform at Abbey Road on the River, chances are you saw Drew behind the kit.